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Ludivine Loursel-myrte studio ©Michela Aragni_11.jpg



Cane glass blower and art bronzer.

An artisan, Ludivine Loursel creates pieces from her world, between lighting, sculpture and art object. Having the bias that his creations reside in the alliance of two materials from the arts of fire: metal and glass.

The arts of fire and more particularly those of metal, were introduced to him by a collective of visual artists and scenographers. It is within their team that the creations by flame, fire and the sublimation of materials gradually integrate their personal creations.

It was then at the Boulle School, through a diploma in Metal Application Design, that creation around flaming elements, playing with the undulations and the fascination of fire appeared in his projects.

It was alongside Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert that Ludivine learned and perfected the techniques of cane and freehand blown glass. For several years, she held the position of metal workshop manager, combined with that of glass blower.

Today, it is within her creative workshop in Normandy that Ludivine imagines and designs her projects, whether they are collaborative, as with myrte studio, as well as with Emilie Bredel, or her artistic and luminous creations.

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