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Collaborative Projects

Myrtle Studio



Fire is a common element between the gestures of glass blowing and brass shaping. An obvious origin to start a dialogue between these two know-how.

After the celebration I. I: Madda, making the fire, contemplating the flame, myrtle presents the imprint of the fire, from one material to another.

How does the heat deformation of one generate that of the other? How do the materials respond to each other once the heat has disappeared?

Lhena materializes the imprint of fire. back and forth between the imprint of the fire glass and the brass. The molten glass is blown onto a brass sheet, like a punch, it will leave its outline and a unique undulation. that of their contact.


When cold, this undulation placed in front of the brass will give it a hammered appearance, a traditional technique for shaping brass.

Lhena is a dialogue between two ancient know-how of artistic crafts whose writing must be perpetuated.

Lena - Wall light. Hot-formed, polished brass. Freehand blown glass, placed

shaped on brass. LED system. Each piece is unique

photo credit: myrte_studio

. ≈ 36 x 36 x 8 cm. 2022

light brass imprint
light brass imprint


light brass imprint
Ludivine Loursel-myrte studio ©Michela Aragni_6.jpg

To begin their dialogue through the myrtle studio entity, Ludivine Loursel and Michela Aragni explore a common obsession: that of fire. The fire, provided by the torch, is a link between the gestures of glass blowing and brass shaping. An obvious origin for this double dialogue

between these two creators and these two know-how.


The torch intervenes punctually. A localized heat source, it raises the temperature of a specific area of the material to be made homogeneous or shaped. A manipulatable fire with multiple possible explorations.


With this first celebration, myrte studio represents fire with fire, with the desire to freeze what is perceptible during the creation of the piece and to return to the collective memory of the contemplation of fire.


Madda reflects the fire that created it, a sheet of brass shaped with a torch, the tensions of the material have distorted the surface and made the color iridescent. This golden and rainbow flame

oscillates on its mobile structure, reminiscent of the volatile crackling of campfires.


In the light of day, Madda becomes chronology of a flame suspended in time, frozen in the metal and evaporating in the freehand blown glass deformed by heat.

Madda - Mobile light sculpture. Hot formed brass, brosse-polished. Freehand blown glass. Rechargeable LED spotlight.

photo credit: myrte_Studio

200 x 40 x 32 cm. 2022

Emilie Bredel


“Dialogue begins with listening.

Here, listening to the experience of another creator, another technique, new constraints due to the material worked.

A meeting that invites you to leave your comfort zone, your “bubble”.

In our common vision, glass bubbles, air bubbles, drops of water can in turn be a zone of sharing and exchange or a bubble of isolation or protection...

By their thickness, their colors, their shapes, they can distort or hide what they contain or adjoin.

Distort or partly hide reality; distort appearances... Common practice in our human relationships, in the images we show of the world.

But it can be a choice to show things differently, to rediscover, to invite movement to vary points of view.

Glass and metal alternate roles: in turn, they carry each other, hold each other, pass through each other, welcome each other...

These two heat-moldable materials increase the possibilities for interaction and encounters.

Our intention is to reveal the creative process and dialogue that leads to success. From sketches to the final result through experiments... The ear, the head, the eye, the heart and the hand in dialogue with the sole objective of giving a soul to the objects created.

Part to order 

Do not hesitate to ask us for the parts catalog

3D brass pickaxe on bubble2.png
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